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Linda Cullen's new book is "5,378 Tips for a Better Life, Hotter Sex, Fresher Breath, Thicker Hair, Thinner Thighs and Cleaner Laundry! (not necessarily in that order)"

It is now for sale, online, at, and Check back here for information on future book launches, author signings and the locations of bookstores where you can purchase Linda’s book.

Linda Cullen, one of Canada's funniest women, gives you the best of her weekly columns. Here's what some of her many devoted readers have said...

"I pick up the 24Hrs every day on my way to work and I gotta are hilarious (Although I'm sure you are told that all the time)! I'm a fan!
All the Best

"I have been meaning to email you ever since I started reading 24 Hours as you are so hilarious. No matter what kind of a crappy day it is, after reading your column I feel 100% better.

"This email is long overdue - I'm a huge fan of yours...absolutely love reading your articles - missing them on Wednesdays is not an option. Based on the truth but mixed with humour. I suddenly realized I'm not the only one who enjoys reading your articles - traveling home on the bus this PM I sat next to a lady who started reading your column today, "The Duck Whisperer" - well this woman was laughing so loud that tears were beginning to roll down her face...she had to stop reading to compose herself. I smiled and turned to her and said, "Her columns are great aren't they?" She simply nodded her head, wiped her tears and continued reading. Keep them coming Linda...they're greatttt!

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