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  • September 25th, 2009

    The Bay Comes Home

    Bob Robertson

    If you’re a proud Canadian who’s been thinking that our identity as a country has been slowly fading away, rejoice! The Hudson’s Bay Company will be Canadian again, at least, if the current owners have their way. To put it in perspective, The Bay, as we now call it, is the oldest commercial corporation in North America, incorporated in 1670. Back then, Celine Dion’s ancestors were selling their perfume there. I believe it was called “Six Weeks in a Canoe without Washing, Number 3”. Back then Bay Day was only one day, and featured sale items like half off all wampum pouches and buy one sack of hardtack crackers, get a free beef jerky.

    It was a bleak day in 2006 when The Hudson’s Bay Company was bought by an American, but things are going to change. The current owner, with the very retail-friendly name of “NRDC Equity Partners” (I’ll bet they never had a jingle for that), has decided to offer public shares, starting in 2011, list the company on the TSX and let Canadians get their own store back again. Baby’s come home! And the best news of all, because the company is now re-locating back to Canada, it will be the site of a major speech from Stephen Harper, hopefully standing in ‘Men’s Underwear’, or maybe ‘Women’s Bra’s’. He will make his speech at The Bay rather than the United Nations because…I’m sure there’s a good reason, I just can’t think of it at the moment. So, there you go. Now we’re all feeling more Canadian again. Now, if only somebody could sell Wayne Gretzy back to Edmonton.

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