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  • October 23rd, 2009

    If You Vote Tory, You Get a Hockey Rink

    Bob RobertsonYes, I am well aware that pork barreling does not discriminate between political parties in Canada. The Liberals did it for decades and now the Conservatives are filling the trough full of goodies. What puts a bug up my back passage is that Stephen Harper promised…no, let me say it louder, Stephen Harper PROMISED he would end it all and now, well, I’m guessing the reason he insisted that he and his ministers get the H1N1 shot first is because they have been in close contact with swine…everytime they look in the mirror. That’s why the toe-tapping song on this week’s Double Exposure Radio is called “If You Voted Tory, You Get a Hockey Rink”. And not only that. You get to pose with your local MP and hold up a giant 90 pound cheque covered with Tory logos and MP signatures. I am led to understand that those big cheques are actually legal tender in Niger where a piece of cardboard that big can buy you a chicken. And a chicken that big can buy you the presidency. Big Cheques; who knew? I am very unfortunate. I live in a Liberal riding and I believe our stimulous money is going to be buying us a new toilet seat at the Garry Point Park restrooms. And when the toilet seat installer poses with our MP, you will need the Hubble telescope to see the cheque they are holding. Yessir. If this is what Conservatives cleaning up government looks like, I’ll bet Conservatives cleaning up the environment consists os two guys with orange garbage bags scouring the ditches for empty pop cans.

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