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  • October 30th, 2009

    Canada’s new Pandemic

    Bob Robertson
    From Double Exposure Radio;

    Here is an important message from health Canada. As of this date, a new virus has been indentified in Canada and it has very quickly reached the pandemic level, affecting millions of Canadians, mostly adults. The Strain is referred to in colloquial terms as the “Why Flu”, but is known scientifically as H4 What For? Health Canada wants you to know what to look for if you contract the H4 What For strain. Recognize the symptoms of H4 What For.

    Number One;

    Almost always; Sudden confusion over whether to get a flu shot or not.

    Number Two;

    Fatigue from watching newscasts with stories of sickness and death.

    Number Three;

    Decreased interest in reading the news at all.

    Number Four;

    Sudden irritation with your doctor’s receptionist for lack of information

    Number Five;

    Shortness of temper over conflicting evidence by so-called health experts

    Number Six;

    Dizzy spells from watching health food practitioners urging you to ward off this flu by eating super foods in either capsule or powder form.

    Number Seven;

    Complete lack of trust in anyone in the Canadian medical system, resulting in anger, depression and sudden profane outbursts at perfect strangers in bank lineups.

    Finally Number Eight;

    Totally panic and a sudden urge to stand in line on the street to receive an injection you, only moments before, believed you wouldn’t get.

    If you have any or all of these symptoms, then you are suffering from the “Why Flu”. Health Canada strongly suggests you stay home, stay in bed and do not emerge from your house until well into 2010. For more information on the H4 What For strain check out Health Canada’s flu website at “www.WhatTheHellAmISupposedToDo.com.

    This has been an important message from Health Canada.

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